Founded in 1983, Proficient Business Systems Inc. is primarily a prepackaged, business software developer for small and mid-size companies.  Staffed with a very talented team of software developers, programmers, business consultants, and technical support representatives, we provide consistent help, technical support, training and periodical upgrades for our software products.

Proficient Business Systems Inc. rarely works only once with end-users, but usually develops long term, mutually beneficial relationships with end-users. We are committed to providing our clients with software that really works for them. Each year, we spend approximately 40% of revenue on Research and Development to upgrade and improve our software products. 

Our clients are small and mid-size manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, gift-shops, retailers, bookkeepers, engineers, accountants, insurance companies, contractors, job shops, food industries and other service-oriented professionals.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide cross section of businesses and in some instances, have had to modify some of our modules to meet the specific needs of some of our users.  Most of these modifications are currently incorporated in our existing list of modules and are treated as options which can be turned off or on.

It's very likely that some or all of what you may consider as special needs, are already optional features within TSEFS - our flagship product. If not, for a reasonable price, we will be happy to modify and customize TSEFS to meet your specific needs.

At Proficient Business Systems Inc., we can proudly say, that we do have the knowledge, experience, software and expertise to help your business function at its fullest potential.


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