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Top 4 TSEFS Business Solutions 

Integrated Business Software.

TSEFS is a proven group of easy to use, scalable business software applications designed to make your business more manageable and profitable. TSEFS will grow with your business and eliminates the need for multiple systems because it does handle the simplest and some of the most complex tasks to keep your business in the winning circle.

From the start, you have the privilege to choose only the business software applications needed for your type of business. Any combination of TSEFS modules will seamlessly integrate to form a powerful, reliable, multi company and multi currency business software solution, to help you achieve your goal for a better-run business.

Over the years, our customers have used various combinations of TSEFS modules to meet and satisfy their business needs. The following are the top 4 TSEFS Solutions currently used by businesses.

1. TSEFS (D&R) Distributor and Retailer Solution

With sales order processing which include order entry, invoicing, back order processing, sales history and sales analysis.

Combined with full accounting; cash management; purchase orders; and inventory control loaded with numerous features.

All bases are covered. This solution is the retailer's and/or distributor's delight.

2. TSEFS (PJC) Project Management and Job Costing Solution

One of TSEFS solutions that at any given point in time, shows you all revenues and expenses that went into a job or project.

Equipped with full accounting; payroll; inventory management; two (2) very flexible billing options; up-to-date variance analysis against job and/or project estimates; you will not only see, but will definitely enjoy the benefits from better project management.

3. TSEFS (T/B) Professional Time Billing Solution

You would like to pay employees one rate; bill your customers at different rates and you do not want to miss any billing cycles.

You would also like to have only one (1) system to handle all of the above; plus accounting and a few other functions. TSEFS Professional Time Billing solution will do all of the above, and much more for your business.

4. TSEFS (R/B) Repeat Billing Solution

Set up comprehensive sales orders once and have TSEFS automatically create invoices for you, either the same day of every month or for the same date every year.

When these invoices are posted they become integral parts of TSEFS accounting solution to increase cash flow and financial awareness.

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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"We highly recommend Proficient Business Systems Inc. and TSEFS to anyone who requires business management software that will easily fit, adapt and become a reliable and effective solution for the on-going challenges of a growing business."

Mario Sardo, President, Sardo Foods Inc.

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