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TSEFS General Ledger Software Application is a real time, interactive module, designed to capture all business transactions to provide up-to-the-minute, hands on and easy-to-follow financial information about the performance of small and mid size businesses. With such timely, accurate and readily available information, business decision making becomes easier and more rewarding.

TSEFS General Ledger is very easy to use and is available in either single or multi-user versions. Whether it is used stand-alone or integrated with all other TSEFS Modules, it has been proven to be very powerful, reliable, durable, invaluable and inexpensive business software that can dramatically improve your profitability.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

Only authorized users can access TSEFS General Ledger information.

6 - digit account code, the last 2 digits can be used as department codes.

Account numbers may range from 100000 through 999999. Account numbers starting with 1 are designated as Assets, 2 as Liabilities, 3 as Revenue or Sales and 4 thru 9 as Expenses.

Comes with sample chart of accounts which you can modify or set-up your own.

Has an extended utility function, which allows you to easily create new groups of G/L accounts and also transfer balances from one G/L source (i.e. account, dept. or company) to another.

Account types can be Heading, Total or Regular with or without contra accounts.

Allows total levels i.e. 1 thru 9 to be assigned to each account for reporting purposes.

Has the flexibility to print various levels of Financial Statements.

Ability to process manual journal entries.

Ability to maintain and process recurring entries.

Supports departmental accounting allowing distribution of revenue and expense by department and also P&L by department or consolidated departments.

Supports multi-company with the ability to consolidate financial reports for related companies.

Budget can be entered in either journal entry format or by selected account format.

Permits comparison between Current Year and either Budget, Last Year or Year Before Last.

Allows user to define accounting periods.

Permits fourteen (14) accounting periods per year.

Allows user to setup interface tables for frequently used G/L Accounts in other TSEFS modules.

All G/L entries retained for entire year (up to 14 periods) and can be viewed on screen at any time.

Permits multiple open accounting periods with the ability to close and reopen accounting periods.

G/L Account Totals and Detail for any period can be printed or viewed any time.

All G/L transactions are automatically numbered and can be recalled on screen.

Supports multiple G/L bank accounts.

Provides Retail Sales Tax Journal for easy retail sales tax filing.

Option to either Close 13 periods at Year End or Close 12 periods and post period 13 to period 1 of New Year.

Will check G/L data to ensure it is in balance before performing automated Year End Closing Procedure.



There are several report options from which to choose to produce specific reports. Most reports are available in summary, condensed, or detail format.

Chart Of Accounts.

G/L Journal.

Retail Sales Tax Journal.

G/L Work Sheets.

Trial Balance.

Income Statement.

Financial Changes Statement.

Balance Sheet.

Consolidated Financial Statements.

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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C. Cordone, Controller, CSL

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