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TSEFS Project Management - Job Costing Software Application will show you, at any given time, all detailed or summarized activities for a project, job or task. It will keep you well informed with up-to-date variance analysis between actual and estimates for each job, project and tasks.

This job costing - project management business software application manages simple and complex jobs and projects. It uses your input to identify and highlight potential issues to help increase profitability. Project managers, contractors, engineers, manufacturers, job shops, time billing professionals, and any other business requiring an easy to use, reliable and flexible project management system, will find an effective solution in TSEFS Job Costing - Project Management software.

TSEFS Project Management - Job Costing software module is equipped with two (2) distinct and separate billing options enabling you to bill your customers, whichever way you see best, to icrease your cash flow. It is available in either single or multi-user versions and can function as a stand-alone module, however, its full effectiveness, will be experienced when integrated with TSEFS Payroll, A/R, Inventory Control, P/O, A/P, G/L and Cash Management.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

Only authorized users can access TSEFS Project Management - Job Costing information.

Provides project management and job costing functions for multiple companies.

Customizable control features to establish company’s established mark-up rate, how overhead is calculated, etc.

Projects and Jobs are maintained by eight (8) or less alphanumeric code.

Accommodates unlimited Projects And Jobs.

Option to break-up Projects and Jobs into manageable segments referred to as Tasks.

Tasks are maintained by a two (2) alphanumeric code.

Accommodates unlimited Tasks for each Project or Job.

Ability to set-up various Task centers to be managed by individual managers.

Ability to copy existing Task structures from one Project or Job to another.

Each project, job or task can have up to seven cost types e.g. hours, pieces, labour, material, machinery or rechargeable, overhead and other (miscellaneous).

Ability to assign individual mark-up factors for each cost type within a project, job or task.

Captures all employee time cards information for each job from TSEFS Payroll module.

Ability to generate Time Billing Invoices for employee time entered from TSEFS P/R module.

Ability to maintain and report labour hours and costs by employees' job function (type).

Maintains complete audit trail of all adjustments to Tasks, Projects and Jobs.

Ability to change project or job name, manager, etc. through the adjustment function.

Ability to assign entire Projects and/or Jobs to specific managers.

Maintains four (4) types of Projects or Jobs, e.g. Contract, Placement, Per Diem and Nonchargeable.

Maintains estimated and actual itemized costs with variances for each Project, Job and Task.

Extensive data is maintained on each Project, Job and/or Task such as: - job number; type of project or job; description; location; customer; manager; P.O. or contract number; P.O. date; deposit amount and date; planned start and completion dates; actual start and completion dates; hold back type and amount; WIP amount; billings to date; % complete; cost to close; etc.

Ability to transfer and return inventory, materials and other related costs to Projects, Jobs or Tasks.

On screen look-up of detailed postings for specific periods.

Automated Project Billing Function to generate invoices for contract, per diem and/or placement Projects and Jobs.

Ability to maintain several projects or jobs for the same customer.

Ability to capture suppliers' or sub-contractors' payables when entered from TSEFS A/P.

Ability to capture billings when customers' invoices or credits are entered via TSEFS A/R.

Ability to report billing differences and discrepancies for placement Projects or Jobs.

Ability to close and re-open Projects, Jobs and Tasks, any time.

Ability to post related costs to TSEFS G/L.

Ability to track and report all User IDs and the origin of all related activities or postings.

Ability to retain Project and Job billings for several years.

On screen look-up of past and current project and job billings.


Project Scheduling Report

Summary Sheets

Adjustment & Misc. Log

Project & Task Cost Summary

Un-posted Billings

Summarize WIP By Task

Packing Slips & Release Forms

Detailed WIP Report

Exposure In WIP And A/R

Project & Task Progress Report

Accrued Cost Detail

Summarize WIP By Project

Project & Task Profitability

Invoices & Cr Memos

Summarize WIP By Manager

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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