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TSEFS Payroll and Human Resource (TSEFS P/R) does a lot more than just produce pay cheques and bank deposit slips for employees. It presents various ways to pay employees while providing solutions for human resource management including tracking employees time, attendance and sick days. It is also a payroll business software application that will provide you with birthdays and wage review reports for your employees.

TSEFS Payroll maintains a complete history and record of employment for all employees, including freelancers and also allows you to keep unlimited notes about each employee. When integrated with TSEFS Project & Job Costing module, this payroll software solution will distribute employees time sheets information to established projects, jobs and tasks.

TSEFS Payroll software can be used stand-alone or integrated with other TSEFS modules. It is a proven, reliable and dynamic tool with all the elements and capabilities to provide invaluable solutions for the successful management of your company's employees and payroll.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

TSEFS Payroll software is password protected, so only authorized users can access employee information.

Provides payroll software solutions in a multi-company environment.

Customizable payroll software control features for each company.

12 - alphanumeric employee #, first 2 characters can be used as branch code.

Validation of employees' Social Insurance or Security Numbers.

Ability to keep unlimited notes on individual employees.

Income Tax calculations for all Canadian Provinces, Territories and States in a single run.

Allows individual vacation pay percentages for employees.

Flexible payroll input procedure - selective or batch, daily, weekly or bi-weekly entry of time tickets.

Ability to process manually calculated and reverse already posted payroll transactions.

Ability to update or modify payroll transactions before they are fully processed.

Automatic start up of CPP/QPP contributions and cut-off of EI, CPP and QPP when maximum is reached.

Ability to handle up to three (3) Work Shifts and multiple Trade Unions.

Ability to report shift premiums separately from regular pay.

Ability to handle company’s pension plan for non-union and unionized employees.

In addition to mandatory deductions, up to (18) eighteen user defined additional deductions and/or earnings can be applied each pay for an employee.

Optional deductions or earnings can be fixed ($) amounts, or a percent of either gross pay or commission.

Ability to pay salaried, hourly, commissioned, freelance, and piece workers with different pay periods and pay frequencies in the same payroll.

Ability to allow Draws and also withhold fixed percentages of income tax for commissioned employees.

Ability to tax bonus and vacation pay separately to minimize income tax withholding.

Ability to tax and retain employees' vacation pay when it is calculated each pay.

Ability to produce several pay cheques, statement of earnings or deposit slips for an employee in the same payroll.

Ability to create flat files for direct deposit to employee's bank accounts.

Ability to allocate established portions of an employee's pay to multiple bank accounts.

Ability to post payroll costs to TSEFS G/L and Project & Job Costing modules.

Ability to retain and recall detail of each employee's pay.

Ability to retain arrears, if during pay day an employee's deductions exceed his/her earnings. When possible, employee will automatically repay arrears.

Current and/or past payroll analysis by branch and/or department.

Ability to print respective government withholding slips and Record Of Employment.

Ability to carry over employees' unpaid vacation pay from year to year.

Ability to automatically update TD1 Tax Credits at year-end.

Automated function to update wages for selected groups of employees.

Automated year-end processing function to prepare files for New Year.



Numerous payroll reports can be produced using filters such as branch code, dept. number, from and through a range of employee numbers.

Remittance Report

Employee Wage Review

Wage Review Worksheet

Employee Birthdays

Cheques & Advisory Slips

Government Withholding Slips

Employee List & Labels

Pay Slip Register

Year End EI And C/QPP Alert

Employee Year To Date

Past Pay Reports

Dues, RRSP & RPP Report

Time Distribution

Payroll Register

Numerous Other P/R Reports

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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