TSEFS Reseller Opportunity


We, at Proficient Business Systems Inc. (PBSI) work hard to earn and maintain long-standing business relationships with our business partners and customers. Our success and longevity is a direct result of our dedication and tenacity to providing reliable business management software and dependable customer support at very reasonable prices.


With a history going back to 1983, the proven reliability of TSEFS, the knowledge, experience and responsiveness of our support team, PBSI is now extending its Resellers Opportunity Program. This is indeed a hassle free way of earning some extra cash.


Become A TSEFS Reseller

Earn 50%+

On TSEFS Packages

On TSEFS Add-ons

No Sign-up Fees

No Minimum Sales

No Product Restrictions

Get 50%+ OFF each package list price.

Earn 25% on each renewed Annual Software Maintenance Plan.

Earn additional incentives for selling more TSEFS solutions.


Benefits Of A TSEFS Reseller

Who can become a TSEFS Reseller?

No Sign-up Fees.

50%+ Off TSEFS listed package prices.

25% commission on renewed Annual Software Maintenance Plan.

20% commission on TSEFS Paid Customization ordered by you.

Earn additional incentives for selling more TSEFS solutions.

Marketing material available to all TSEFS Resellers.

One-on-one technical support from PBSI to all TSEFS Resellers.

IT Service Providers.

IT and Business Consultants.

Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Web Masters and Designers.

Computer Hardware and/or Software Suppliers.

Small and Mid size Business Solution Providers.

Any one with a clean and honest business reputation.

Obligations Of A TSEFS Reseller

Why TSEFS Reseller Opportunity Works?

Resellers are responsible for providing sales to their customers.

Resellers are responsible for ordering TSEFS products and services for their customers.

Resellers must obtain from PBSI, all original and modified quotation(s) for any TSEFS customization or modification for their customers.

Resellers are responsible for billing their customers for all TSEFS products and services, except TSEFS modifications and/or renewal of Annual Software Maintenance Plans.

Resellers can bill their customers either at PBSI/TSEFS retail prices or less.

Resellers are responsible for offering Software Maintenance Plans to their customers who are already using TSEFS.

It's absolutely free. There are no sign-up fees or start-up costs. All you need to invest is some time.

You have a proven, reliable and reasonably priced software product (TSEFS) to present as business solutions to your customers.

You also have a company (PBSI), with over 28 years of experience and knowledge in software development and technical support, to help you.

There is very little or no overhead costs being a TSEFS Reseller. You can do it from the comfort of your home.

You have unlimited earning power. Just get the customers.


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