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TSEFS Point Of Sale (TSEFS POS) will improve the operation and management of one or several stores/outlets. It handles sales, discounts, price mark-down, refunds, pay-outs, lay-aways and provides a variety of on-screen or printed reports which can be used for checking, balancing and analysis.

TSEFS POS is both easy to use and very user friendly. It is designed to provide maximum security, flexibility, reliability and accuracy.

It is available for either one or several cash registers and requires TSEFS Warehouse Management (TSEFS W/M) for product description, stock level and retail prices. It can also be integrated with TSEFS A/P and G/L Modules.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

Only authorized users can access TSEFS POS information.

Assigns a unique number with optional password for each associate to prevent unauthorized usage.

Handles sales, refunds, pay-outs (expenses) and lay-aways for regular and tax exempted customers.

Handles cash, traveller's cheques, credit and debit card payments.

Handles Canadian & U.S. currency, both are shown on customer pole display during a transaction.

Allows associates to modify POS transactions line by line before printing (no change is allowed after printing).

Handles three (3) levels of price markdown within four (4) different price range.

Supports authorized discounts either by percentage or dollar amount for customers and each product.

Ability to recall products using SKU Numbers or Universal Product Codes (UPC).

Ability to access products either by keyboard entry or by scanning.

Ability to receive, adjust and/or transfer inventory products.

Option to automatically substitute alternate products for out of stock items.

Allows store managers to define or modify print format for sales receipt.

Allows up to ninety-nine (99) products per transaction.

Ability to look up SKU matrix and inventory stock level.

Ability to establish minimum dollar amount for automatic sales receipt printing.

Ability to isolate non-merchandise items e.g. lottery, stamps etc. from sales of regular products.

Ability to set-up PAY-OUT (expense) codes with description for use in PAY OUT function.

Ability to recall and reprint sales receipt (N.B: The letters 'Dup-' will be shown on all re-printed receipts).

Allows up to five (5) general comment lines with sixty (60) characters each, to be printed on sales receipt.

Ability to retain POS transactions for as long as required.

On screen display of products sold by selected associates for a selected time and date.

Ability for two associates to share or use one station with two (2) cash drawers.

Allows open keys (retail price entry) for specified products.

Ability to print price tickets i.e. hang tags and sticky tickets.


Sales Receipt.

Sales By Department.

Salesrep Listing.

Cash Closing Log.

Sales By SKU Master.

Customer Listing.

Cash Balancing Log.

Historical Sales Journal.

Sales By Salesrep.

Historical Cash Journal.

Outstanding Lay-away Report.

Inventory Receipts Log.

Daily Sales Journal.

Sales Analysis By Grouping.

Inventory Adjustments Log.

Runs on Windows XP, Vista & 7

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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C. Cordone, Controller, CSL

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