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TSEFS Purchase Order (TSEFS P/O) is a flexible and user friendly business software application designed to handle all non-inventory and inventory purchases in various currencies, within a small or mid size business. It allows businesses to issue, modify, track, and receive non-inventory and inventory purchases with ease. New inventory purchases can be costed and placed into stock automatically, when received.

TSEFS Purchase Order has a built-in function that uses established and pre-recorded information to automatically generate new inventory purchase orders for registered suppliers . It also retains and keeps inventory purchasing history for prolonged periods. Purchasing history information can be recalled, viewed or printed at anytime, using a wide variety of filters.

TSEFS Purchase Order is available in single and multi-user versions and can function as a stand alone module or can be fully integrated with TSEFS I/C, A/P, PJC and G/L Modules.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

Only authorized users can access TSEFS Purchase Order information.

Handles purchase order processing in a multi-company environment.

User can assign a 10 or less alphanumeric code to new Purchase Orders.

User can establish or reset a starting number for the Purchase Order automatic numbering system.

Automatically assigns Purchase Order number when new Purchase Order number is unspecified.

Handles Purchase Orders for registered and new suppliers.

Shows vendors' A/P alert notices when purchase orders are entered or modified.

Ability to apply a fixed amount or percentage discount to a Purchase Order.

Non-stocked items can be entered and received on Purchase Orders.

Ability to receive items on Purchase Order, in selective warehouses.

Ability to reverse Purchase Order when received in error.

Option to print Purchase Orders on plain paper or user defined pre-printed forms.

Allows unlimited notes and comment lines on Purchase Orders.

Allows on screen Purchase Order modification before Purchase Order is finalized.

Ability to email or fax Purchase Order in addition to regular dispatching options.

When interfaced with TSEFS I/C, will allow user to automatically generate Purchase Orders for the products which registered vendors supply.

Option to show all outstanding Purchase Orders for individual products when using Auto Purchase Order Generator, to prevent over-ordering.

Allows user to specify flexible ship-to addresses for Purchase Orders.

Auto Purchase Order generator that displays pass purchase quantities for selected intervals while showing current stock level and suggested order quantities for the products supplied by registered vendors.

Ability to receive some or all items on Purchase Order and to close or keep Purchase Order open when partial shipment is received.

Ability to cancel Purchase Order after agreed shipping date has passed.

Option to add extra, related and detailed multi-currency costs to each Purchase Order when it is received, to ensure that the true landed cost is reflected for each item on a Purchase Order.

User has the option to post Purchase Order(s) to TSEFS A/P and G/L when Purchase Order(s) are received.

Ability to recall purchasing history by purchase order number, time period, vendor or SKU number.

Ability to do Purchase Order enquiry by product or supplier number without changing status of Purchase Order.

Automatically updates on-order quantities for inventory products when purchase orders are issued.

Automatically updates each product on-hand quantity when item is received.

Supports fractional quantities and costs up to three decimal places.

Option to close or re-open batches of partially received Purchase Orders.

Option to delete or undo-delete batches of received Purchase Orders and still keep them on file.


Purchase Order Detail Listing.

Receiving Reports.

Purchasing History Reports.

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

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