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TSEFS Sales Order Processing And Repeat Billing (TSEFS S/O) is a very flexible and easy to use business software application designed to handle all sales order processing functions within your small or mid size business. This includes sales order entry; sales order fulfillment; non-inventory and inventory sales; back order processing; repeat billing; returned goods and credit memos.

With its built in ability to bill and ship to different addresses while allowing flexible pricing and discount options, this sales order processing and repeat billing software module will definitely increase efficiency and productivity within your business.

TSEFS Sales Order And Repeat Billing software is menu-driven; available in single and multi-user versions; can function as a stand alone module or can be integrated with TSEFS I/C, A/R, G/L and C/M Modules. It comes loaded with numerous must-have-features which lead to a better run small or mid size business.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

Only authorized users can access TSEFS Sales Order Processing And Repeat Billing information.

Handles sales order processing in a multi-company environment.

Allows you to tailor this module to each company's needs by using its Control Features option.

Handles orders for established and new customers.

Allows one step and/or two-steps sales order processing.

Handles Repeat Billing invoicing and processing.

Shows customers' A/R billing alert notices when orders are entered or modified.

Handles separate billing and shipping addresses.

Tracks customer's Credit Limit during sales order processing.

Automatically assigns order and invoice numbers.

Allows up to 4 possible sales discounts for individual items on a sales order.

Supports volume discounts on order totals using either fixed dollar amounts or percentages.

Has back order processing option.

Non-stocked items can be entered on orders and invoices.

Handles credit memo and returned goods with option to restock returned items.

Allows special pricing for selected customers and price over-ride for inventory products during sales order processing.

User defined invoice and bill of lading format.

Prints picking, packing slips, bill of lading, invoices and cr memos.

Each product description or comment line on an order/invoice can be 600 or less characters, i.e. 20 or less lines each with 30 or less characters.

Option to automatically substitute out of stock items with alternates.

Allows on-screen order modification before an invoice is finalized and posted.

Maintains history of items sold to be used for customer sales analysis.

Supports committing inventory or immediate removal of inventory during order entry.

Ability to place orders on-hold and to release orders.

On-screen display of items sold to customers for selected periods.

Ability to create flat files that can be used to remit invoices and cr memos through EDI.


Bill Of Lading.

Picking & Packing Slips.

Various Sales History Reports.

Sales Register.

Invoices & Credit Memos.

Product Category Sales.

Open Order Report.

Un-posted S/O Transactions.

Sales & Commission Reports.

Commitment Report.

Sales & Gross Margin.

Various Sales Analysis Reports.

Flat Files

General flat file used for EDI transmission.

Shipping Log flat file created in various delimited formats.

EDI Invoices flat file created in various delimited formats.

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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"I strongly recommend TSEFS to any company or small business that is looking for a reliable, user-friendly computer software system that has the capacity to expand as the need arises."

Susan Dunsmoor, V.P., All-Weld

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