TSEFS Warehouse Management


TSEFS Warehouse Management (TSEFS W/M) is a simple but powerful inventory control system for small and mid size distributors and retailers with one or several store/outlets and have the need to manage, monitor, distribute and control inventory from a centralized location.

It has all the tools required to set-up and maintain simple or extensive inventory databases. It also provides accurate, comprehensive and fast information for stock control, purchasing, sales, distribution and analysis.

It is available for either one or several users as a stand-alone module or can be integrated with TSEFS I/C, POS and A/P modules.

Features & Capabilities:  (To view screen shots, click on listed features.)

Allows 12 numeric characters for SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and/or Product Number.

Can create SKU Master records and a matrix of individual products based on size and colour.

Allows two (2) lines with thirty (30) characters each, for product description.

Allows four (4) retail price levels, each with three (3) markdown, for each SKU Master.

Allows products to be accessed by either SKU Numbers or UPC (Universal Product Codes).

Ability to browse through SKU Masters and individual items for easy update and enquiry.

Ability to maintain minimum and maximum inventory quantities of each product for each store/outlet.

Stock levels are maintained in FIRST IN, MID IN and LAST IN with their respective costs.

Ability to retain supplier's unit of measure and retailers' unit of measure for each product.

Costing based on weighted average method.

Ability to set-up store/outlets and designate them as either warehouse, retail or franchise.

Can maintain unlimited bin locations within a warehouse.

Ability to issue, maintain and receive Purchase Orders for any store/outlet.

User defined purchase order format.

Ability to process orders, which have been submitted to warehouse from store/outlets.

Ability to transfer and receive inventory items among store/outlets

Can assign specific retail price level to each store location.

On screen statistics for quantities transferred, received and sold at each store for each product.

Ability to set-up alternate SKUs to be used as substitutes for out of stock items (unlimited alternates).

Ability to specify PST and GST rates for each product.

Ability to group products, for reporting purposes, by department, category, price point, etc.

All inventory transactions can be kept as long as required.



All warehouse management reports can be selected from SKU Master through SKU Master, by department, by supplier, by category and by product status.

Product Price List.

Inventory Transaction Journal.

Inventory Labels.

Stock Level Report.

Inventory Evaluation.

Open Purchase Order Report.

Inventory On-Hand.

Inventory Sales Mix Report.

Open Order (Store) Report.

Inventory Costing.

Physical Inventory Work Sheet.

Suggested Order List.

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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