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Top 10 Benefits Your Business Will Gain From Using TSEFS

Integrated Business Software

TSEFS is an acronym for The Smart Executive Financial Software. It brings numerous benefits to small or mid-size businesses. With TSEFS, you get a group of modern, fully integrated business software modules, ready to work as a silent, but vigilant executive in your business.

Several companies have been using TSEFS for 25 plus years. TSEFS is a reliable, integral and extremely important part of their businesses.

Join a rapidly growing number of satisfied end-users, who are already enjoying enviable levels of success and benefits from using TSEFS - a winning business solution.

The Following Are The Top 10 TSEFS Benefits

1. Save money - replace multiple systems with 1

There is no need to have one system for billing, another for inventory control and yet another for accounting, job costing, payroll and so on. Use TSEFS for all of these tasks and save on set-up, maintenance and training fees. TSEFS is very easy to learn and is equipped with a do-it-yourself set-up procedure.

2. Enhance productivity and insight

Data is only entered once and is made available to all or selected authorized users. No sub-systems to check and verify. TSEFS is designed to keep data and reporting flowing smoothly, as a well-oiled machine.

3. Reduce risk

TSEFS has been in existence for over 27 years. It has gone through many changes and upgrades. It has earned the reputation of being a trusted business software solution for long-term growth.

4. Improve financial management and decision making

With a steady flow and reporting of accurate analytical data from TSEFS, you will become more informed about the finances within your business. This leads to better business decisions to turn inefficiencies into opportunities. In short, TSEFS manages risks and increases profitability.

5. Grow your business without fear of out-growing your software

There are no pre-set limits in TSEFS for the number of vendors, jobs, customers, products, employees, etc. The capacity of your hard drive or storage device will determine the limit.

6. Conduct business in various currencies - multi-currency

TSEFS realizes the need for a business to function in the global economy. Part of its functionality is to allow you to set-up, maintain and process customer, vendor, accounting and bank transactions in various pre-established currencies.

7. Use 1 system to manage several businesses - multi-company

If you own or operate 1 or 98 small or mid-size businesses, one licensed copy of TSEFS will manage all of these businesses with separate data files for each entity.

8. Solve billing and invoicing issues

Create and send invoices that are easy to read and understand to your customers. It will definitely speed up the paying process. TSEFS has Sales order invoicing, Repeating billing, Project & Job/Task billing and Employee Time billing options from which to choose. Each option generates a special type of invoice that is geared to a specific group of customers.

9. Hassle-free Customer & Technical Support

When you purchase TSEFS, for 120 days, an experienced personnel with a thorough knowledge of the acquired software, is assigned to your account, to help you get up and running, as quickly as possible. During this period, you will enjoy free, consistent and direct hands-on support via telephone and email, from the assigned professional.

10. Automate tedious year end closing procedure

TSEFS is equipped with two separate automated year-end closing functions. They are Payroll Year-End and Fiscal Year-End. Both functions are quick, thorough and eliminates the frustration and stress usually associated with year-end closing. See TSEFS Year-End Closing

Runs on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Easy Setup and Easy To Learn

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"This growth of our business would have been very difficult to manage, had it not been for the power, the flexibility and the user friendliness of TSEFS."

Kirk Odabashian, C.E.O., NEL

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